Academic Report

Educators and learners had a very successful term one of 2020. The main focus was on academics and many other activities took place to support and improve the general education of the learners. Unfortunately the new normal became quite a challenging time for educators, learners and parents who had to work from home during lockdown. Educators supplied learners with online work on a weekly basis.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to educators to improve their computer skills by attending many sessions of Google training. We are also very proud of each educator that accepted this challenge. Learners now are all connected to Google Classroom where their work can be accessed. The curriculum has been trimmed slightly to ensure that the year can be completed.

A number of safety measures had to be put in place to prepare for the return of some of the learners. Learners could not return to their previous classes as class numbers had to be made smaller in order to apply social distancing. Much administrative work had to be put into place to ensure the safety of our learners and educators. The Grade 7 learners returned in early June and the rest of the grades were phased in during July and August. At the moment Grade 1 to 6 learners attend school every alternate week. Assessments are taking place as normal. Our aim is to bring all learners back to school during the next two weeks.

A special word of thanks goes to Mrs Harris, our Principal, who has displayed such incredible leadership in this very challenging time. Thank you also to all our parents and educators who have supported our beautiful Eunice ladies with their academic work.

P. van Tonder