Choir and Marimba

The first term in Choir and Marimbas is very exciting and busy!


Singing is the heart of Eunice and we are so privileged to have so many young ladies who are passionate about performing and sharing their voices with us.
The Junior and Senior Choirs are made up of about 80 members and often rise to each occasion by practising and performing challenging music choices.
Pre-Covid, the choir members have enjoyed choir camps throughout the year. At choir camp good relationships are built , songs practiced and lots of fun activities take place. Covid has certainly limited our freedom of performing however we have created a virtual choir classroom on the Google Classroom platform where girls are still able to practice together, while staying apart!
In the past we have performed at various events and venues such as: The Global Leadership Summit, Kunswedstryd, Heritage Day Assembly and many more…
We are eagerly waiting to be able to sing together at many more events. Until then, we practice often and maintain our notes through the highs and lows.


The first term in Choir and Marimbas is very exciting and busy!
Our Marimba bands give girls the opportunity to perform for numerous functions, like our Swimming gala, Birthday celebrations with the High School, All Girls Festival, Eunice’s Got Talent, Award Ceremony and Dudes and Daughter Tea. These talented girls practise hard and often work out their own songs. We learn how to listen to one another and work as a team. Our music and “vibe” speaks for itself. Enjoy listening to us!

Staff members who are involved with supporting the learners at each practice and event are as follows:

Marimba: Mrs Gerda Maré and Mrs Candice Bernhardt
Junior Choir: Mrs Gerda Maré, Mrs Michelle Muller and Mrs Griekie Jacobs
Senior Choir: Mrs Gerda Maré, Mrs Zayaan Jinnah and Mrs Lynne Walraven