Margaret Style Hostel

At the Margaret Style Hostel this is our home away from home for the learners with lots of laughs and love.

The Primary Hostel was founded in 1962 with 29 boarders.

At the hostel we try to help to develop independence and work on time management with old fashioned hand bells still signalling breakfast or homework etc. They are under the guidance of 1 Hostel Mom and 3 student Charge Mistresses who assist with anything from tying shoes, to brushing hair,

The hostel also offers transport for extra-mural activities within a certain boundary from the school. There is also a laundry service offered at the hostel run by very capable staff.

We have a dormitory which sleeps up to 8 learners – normally Grade 1 and Grade 2 sleep there close to the House Mom’s flat. Wednesday is movie night for Grade 1, 2 and 3 and they can’t wait to get their popcorn ready to watch.

Our first floor is known as Jones Wing and here the girls are 2 in a room. Our second floor is known as Upper Jones Wing and this is normally reserved for Grade 7’s depending on our numbers.

Our one highlight of the year is Hostel Week, and this year the theme was “Board Games”. This is a special spoil for the learners with activities and many treats in the food line and gifts. We also have an end of year function where formal dress is the order of the day.

Stars are awarded for going the extra mile and achievements like neat room, assisting with lunch packs, and 10 gold stars means they earn a “McFlurry”. There is great competition among the learners.