Grade 1 Excursions

National Museum

The Grade 1s had a blast at the National Museum in Term 2. They got to see all the incredible installations about the solar system, insects, different animals, as well as the history of our country. The girls even had a glimpse into the past as they journeyed through an old “town” in the museum. To top it all off, they got to learn all sorts of interesting facts about the human body and its functions. It was a fun-filled day packed with new information that enriched the young minds of our Eunice ladies.

Grade 7 Spa Day

The Grade 7s spoiled the Grade 1s with an incredible Spa Day. They started the day with the basics – washing their faces and brushing their hair. Excitement rose as the Grade 7s came up with enchanting hairstyles, with accessories such as bows, ribbons and shiny hair clips. The girls were also treated to a manicure, boasting bright colours and glitter beyond their wildest dreams. The rest of their time together was spent wisely – reading books! The Grade 7s truly spoiled our little Grade 1s and showed them what it means to be a proud Eunice girl.