Brownie Camp

Joti Fun Day 2019

19 October 2019 with Eunice and St. Michaels Brownies

The Brownies were divided into groups and completed four different bases where they made kites, learnt songs, made paper dolls and learnt the correct way to wash hands before making Nachos. They also had a talk on Cyber Security. The day ended with the presentation of badges. The Guides had a sleepover on the Friday Night when they contacted other Guide Groups.

Night Hike in Kimberley

8 August 2019

A patrol went to Kimberley to take part in the Annual Battered Boot Night Hike. They did their map work and started walking at 7pm.
After getting lost a few times they completed it after 3.00 am! They were very tired and had lost the battle against the steekgras. After something to eat and some sleep they were back to their normal selves.